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MY FOREİGN FRİEND-TURKEY from ShareMyEmotions When we look at the historical root of friendship an approach is shown: In wars, people have their back against a strong rock or mountain against any threat and danger from behind. That's the back…

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Two dances from two different folklore areas

Silifke's world-famous folk songs reflect the nomad life. Silifke folk songs; Game air, zeybek and seat as the air can be divided into three groups. Silifke folk songs played with clarinet, violin and seat drum are appreciated for their richness…

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The Santa`s workshop

The pupils from the target group, headed by Boryana Popova, have worked in the Santa Claus workshop with wonderful greeting cards for the children from the" Slanchetse"Children's Garden to promote their work on the project.

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My foreign best friend by 3rd B class

The children from the target group, headed by Boryana Popova, showed a rich imagination drawing their foreign friend. Their drawings show the excitement and trepidation of all children in the world, regardless of their nationality.

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