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Γλυκειά Mητέρα

The song, performed by the school choir and orchestra of our school, is dedicated to mothers and is expressing the gratitude and appreciation that a child feels.The music was composed by Andros Papapavlou, who is the music teacher at Konstantinoupoleos…

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Zeimbekiko is a dance where the performer does not have to follow certain steps. The dancers are only taught certain figures and circular movements and then they improvise.

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Kypriaki Sousta

Sousta (σούστα) is the name of a traditional folk dance in Cyprus and Greece. It originated from the ancient pyrrhichios, which was a martial dance of the Greeks. There are different forms of the dance. Initially it was a dance…

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Η αγάπη μου

This song refers to a girl’s wishful thinking about her love. She secretly wishes for her beloved one to appear in her dream, so that they shall be together. The music was written by Ioulia Kleanthous and the lyrics by…

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