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About Tracian And The Rhodop Traditional Bulgarian Costume.

About Tracian and the Rhodop traditional Bulgarian costume.

The 1st Grade of School “Matti Bolgaria” and its class teacher Mrs. Pepa Petrova are among the participants in the international project “Share my emotions!” / Erasmus +/- learning through sport, art, dances and foreign languages.

The first activity in which the children took part was making a logo project. The project, painted by little Nicole, was presented to Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Cypriot and Turkish partners at the working meeting in Spain last month.

The next activity of the children was related with making a projects of traditional Bulgarian costumes through which the children to present to  our foreign partners  the elements and colors of the beautiful Thracian and Rhodope costumes, with the Thracian and Rhodope folkloric areas. With lots of love, they painted  their project retelling to children from other countries about the skills, fantasy and beauty of the Bulgarian woman who had made them in the past for her family members to wear them with love.

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