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A Song And A Dance From Tracian Etnographic Region

A song and a dance from Tracian Etnographic Region

“Pravo horo” traditional bulgarian dance from Tracian ethnographic region, performed by 3rd d class

A popular folk song from Tracian Ethnographic region

The students at the 3rd grade of Mati Bolgaria school and their class teacher Mrs. Todorka Yordanova are participants in the Erasmus + project. They are curious, ambitious and open young people interested to everything that is related with the Bulgarian customs and traditions.

In the improvised workshop, the students, under the skillful leadership of their teacher, worke out objects of the most ancient inhabitants of our land – the Thracians. They work out models of old Bulgarian houses with great desire and diligence. They are beautiful, aren`t they?

The videos of a popular Bulgarian folk song and the traditional Bulgarian dance “Pravo horo” are a greeting to our project partners. Come and see us again!

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