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About The Bulgarian Symbol “Martenitsa”

About the Bulgarian Symbol “Martenitsa”

This is the way the Bulgarian adorn themselves with white and red threads on the first day of March, the first month spring. So that the threads that unites them may never be severed! So that they may be healthy, happy and optimistic! So that they may be Bulgarians! These ornaments for wrist of the hand are called “Martenitsa”. How did this strange custom originate? Why no other nation has it? There are different hypotheses. Acording for some of them this custom goes back to the time of Khan Asparuh, who, according to Bulgarian history, created the Bulgarian state in 681, when Christianity was not yet considered as the official religion of the Bulgarians. The Bulgarian children have fun making these ornaments with these red and white threads by their own hands. So then they give “martenitsa” as a gift to their parents, friends, teachers and wish health, happyness and lots of luck.

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