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The 1st Of March – The Day Of The Bulgarian Symbol “Martenitsa”

The 1st of March – the Day of the Bulgarian Symbol “Martenitsa”

On March 1, the third grade students from the “Mati Bolgaria” Primary School, led by the main teacher Mrs. Popova, visited the Kazanlak Municipality with a full basket of hand made ornaments for the wrist of the hands whitch are called “Martenitsa”.
Dressed in folk costumes, the kids were personally accepted by Mrs. Galina Stoyanova – mayor of Kazanlak and gave her the best hand made gift martenitsa.
They used the opportunity to tell Ms. Stoyanova about the international project “Share my emotions”, in which they have been participating for several months together with five other European countries: Spain, Portugal, Romania, Cyprus and Turkey.
By participating in this project, the students and teachers of the elite Kazanlak School “Mati Bolgaria” have chance to communicate with teachers and students from partner schools, to exchange good practices of learning and teaching through a variety of interactive activities, and last but not least to promote Kazanlak and the region as interesting and an attractive destination.

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