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| The most successful way of learning through sport, art, dance, music and foreign languages .

Target groups are groups of directors, teachers, students participating in the project, regional authorities, members of the Arsenal administration, a politician who will monitor our appearances, journalists from the media and newspapers, which will also reflect schools and students working in the school newspaper.

Nowember: Dissemination Giving ads or interviews in local print and TV with a description of the winning project and activities over the two years.

December: Christmas

Dissemination of the results: We will put  the best artwork on Christmas  on exhibition and we will add the project logo and  will give the best works  to the children from the kinder gardens or social homes.

March: Issuing a special issue of the school newspaper (if any) that will reflect the activities for the month and planned  ones for the future.

Or taking pictures of mothers with gifts for them that will be uploaded to the project site or the most beautiful “martenitsa ” with the project logo, students will give to the local authorities and t will ell about the project ./(posts in newspapers or media)

April: Month of Sport (Presentation in Sports Regional News …)

June: All schools will make their final presentations and upload them to the project site. They will also publish the results of the work done, reflected in the media and the press.

 Use of national ethnographic maps in the school’s advertising strategy for the coming year.

 Final result

1. Invited local media and newspapers to reflect the event.

2. Develop a promotional brochure for the project to be given to guests and prospective school visitors.

3. Ensure the presence of regional authorities in Bulgaria / representative from the leadership of the largest company in the city that will provide the performance hall and a local politician – a deputy who protects education in parliament.

4. We plan to spread our results in the E-Twinning and Erasmus + platforms

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