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| The most successful way of learning through sport, art, dance, music and foreign languages .

The creation of interest groups on the topic (music, sports, drama, etc.) will lead to good communication among pupils, will exchange experiences and will swarm together for future professions, create friendships for life. Participating in mobilities and meetings with children of their age involved in interactive activities that they will do together will increase their motivation for learning and turn the school into a desired territory for the student. Participation in a language course and continuous communication will increase their linguistic competence. This also applies to teachers who, by realizing their interesting working methods and learning new ones from their foreign counterparts, will develop professionally and will be motivated to teach. This will break the stereotype of the classroom and many new ideas will be introduced. Children with special needs and children of different backgrounds will be included to express their abilities and interests involved in all project activities.

The project will raise the prestige of our school. We will keep in touch with the leadership of the largest manufacturing company in the city of Arsenal, which will provide the hall for the final presentation and they will be our guests. As a guest in the presentation of the results, we invited a political representative who is responsible for educational issues in parliament and will reflect our work and raise the reputation of Bulgarian teachers as teachers participating in European standards of quality education. The mayor of the city and the regional authorities will be present to support our initiative.

The project will have a long-lasting effect as the exchange of good practice would be a good example for other urban schools. The results will be presented by the local media and the local school newspaper. We will produce brochures in promotional materials for prospective students who will want to join our school. Our and foreign talented students will attend the festive procession on the Rose Festival, They will be presented as well as the project we are working on. The Event on the occasion of the Rose Festival

will be reflected in local and national televisions, which will lead to increased school authority and support for good European practices at a higher level.

Крайни продукти- (Може да се публикува на тая страница- „ Наръчник по добри практики“, „ Богатството на Европа“- презентация със 6те етнографски карти., репортаж или снимки, видео от шествието по случай празника на Розата, брошурите, рекламите по вестника и тв.( лед), училищен вестник, лога с мартеници за общината, интервю с Д. Симеонова., снимка да рекламни материали от Арсенал , ако има такива…снимки с родители и членове на Арсенал.)

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