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| The most successful way of learning through sport, art, dance, music and foreign languages .

Transnational meetings will take place on the territory of each partner country, from the sites of which are partner organizations-number six, because we want to see how each of the partner organizations  will cope with the goals set in the project:

Motivation of students through interesting activities in the field of art, music, sports, literature, English and dances, to be implemented through interesting methodological approaches.

(  2018-November – Spain, Аpril – Turkey , June- Portugal 2019- November -Cyprus, April – Romania ,June- Bulgaria ) The number of meetings, of which:

  1. The project work program and the responsibilities of each partner are discussed.
  2. Possible difficulties in implementing the project and how to overcome it.
  3. What should be done to carry out each activity.
  4. Monitoring of project activities
  5. Participation in supporting the activities of the partner country.
  6. Watching innovative techniques for our colleagues.
  7. Work on disseminating results and providing the desired impact.

The meetings will be attended by school directors, coordinators, art teachers, sports, drama, music, and literary languages  hat will exchange good practices.

Learning, teaching or training activities:

C1-Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils:

In connection with the participation in the final presentation in Bulgaria of foreign talent students (athletes, singers, actors, dancers, literary writers and others with excellent success), each country chooses the best 6 pupils after the ranking and together with 2 accompanying teachers they will participate in a course on language communication on the language of the partners that  it will help their communication and the easier implementation of their participation in the final presentation of the project.

The participants will be selected by the students in the schools (for example, the best dancer, singer, literary, athlete, with good success and language knowledge).Such pupils who will be able to show their talents in the final prize in Bulgaria. They will need language learning and acquaintance with their peers, for better communication with the team.

Each of the parents of the pupils who are going to travel will give a declaration that they agree with their journey. The parent will give his written consent to entrust the safety of his / her child to accompanying teachers.

The aim of the training is not to achieve certificates, but rather to update and complement the knowledge of the language of the partners, which will be useful to them in mutual solicitation. They may be awarded a certificate for participation in a language course along with their excellent classmates.

The arrived students will be organized in a group and together with the Bulgarian pupils, they will have their classes in our school, where, using practical English, they will get acquainted with their classmates from other countries and will present and discuss their common work. The purpose of this course is for all students to build a good team to work in preparation for the final performance.

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