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| The most successful way of learning through sport, art, dance, music and foreign languages .

The results of the project are diverse and innovative: Production of ethnographic maps with songs, dances and costumes of the participating countries, through which they confirm their identity, reveal the beauty of the characteristic culture of the different European peoples.

In the second year, students study songs, dance, work on foreign costumes, study the practical wealth of Europe and develop their musical talent. At the same time, students, through innovative techniques, make different thematic calendar works they give to children’s homes, authorities, their parents and relatives.

The products carry the project logo and the students tell him about it. Others make books, write fairy tales in the language of the partner, and work together with the dramatization of musical accompaniment to the last performance, while decorations are made by their classmates. Modern dancing styles and cheerful dance show us good dancers in the month of dancing in the contests “Best dancer” and “Dancing with me”. During the month of sports will present themselves, the best athletes, good basketball players, athletes, footballers, etc.,  They will organize classes and  young students in competitions like “Fast, Brave, Clever” .

Students in English  classes will play role- games and dramatizations. Teachers  will show innovative techniques in music, art, literature, languages, and sports. All results increase the motivation of learning to learn and the realization of their dreams. Advertising the results starts right from the start. In November an interview is given in print or media about the winning project, its activities and the expected results. During the project, the results are disseminated through interestingly produced products by foreign or regional authorities. Through the activity of the school newspaper. During the Sports Week -a statement about sports news.

Before the final presentation, shooting the language course of the students in Bulgaria and publishing in the local press. The participation of talented students (musicians, dancers, singers, writers, cheerleaders) at the ceremony on the occasion of the Rose Festival will be broadcast on local and national news. Then the final presentation will be held in the hall provided by the largest company in Arsenal. The show will be attended by the mayor of the city and the regional authorities, people from the Arsenal leadership, MP, responsible for educational issues in parliament. There will be an interview with the students and the publication in the school newspaper.

The event will be shown by. local media. In the same model, partners from other countries will make their final presentations and publish them on the project site. All results will be provided in E-Twining and Erasmus + with free access and we expect evaluation, support invites for contributions from other countries for a new project that will like our shared experience.

Look at the concrete results by months here…….(препратка към страницата на  6те държави  с продуктите им за всеки месец)- Our common work

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