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| The most successful way of learning through sport, art, dance, music and foreign languages .

 Coordinating school:   

    OU”Mati Bolgaria”, Kazanlak, Bulgaria


     1. ESCOLA LOLA ANGLADA,Martorell,  Spain

     2.  Konstantinoupoleos Gymnasium, Nicosia, Cyprus

     3. Scoala Gimnaziala Nr. 2 Marginea”” comuna Marginea, judetul Suceava, Romania

     4. MERSIN UC OCAK ORTAOKULU, Mersin, Turkey

     5. Agrupamento de Escolas do Barreiro, Barreiro, Portugal  


    All partner countries in the project will work together on a common work program. For example, one of the products presented during the first year is an ethnographic map of each partner with dancing and songs from their characteristic ethnographic areas to be fulfilled by the students. Any activity scheduled for the month will be reflected on the project site. At the same time, each school will work on a thematic calendar according to which its talents and ideas will be presented by  students in the arts, dance, sports, music, literature and languages  classes. All activity and products will be reflected in the project site and evaluated by parents, and other teachers. There will be a  principle of competition   for each of the tasks between the partners.


 “Mati Bolgaria” Primary School, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

     The school is located in the central part of the town, but it is attended by the students traveling from the neighboring villages.

    A small percentage are the students from the minorities, migrants and those with special educational needs, with whom work and resource teacher on special program supported by  the entire teaching staff.

     Our school  has 29 primary teachers  who teach  in17 primary classes, 12 teach in an all-day organization and 16 secondary teachers who teach in 10 secondary classes . The school staff consists and  7 people in the maintenance department and 7 people in the administrative department.

     The school is located in  in a 3-storey building and  there are 17 classrooms, 1 science classroom, 1 gymnasium, 3computer science classrooms, 1workshop for the technical branch classes,1 library, 1 playroom,the school‘s playground, the secretary‘s office, the headteacher‘s office and the teachers‘  office.

      At school, pupils, aged from 7 to 15 years old, learn ordinary subjects like Bulgarian, Maths, History, Biology, Geography, Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Art, Music and foreign languages like English. Also, they are frequently involved in extra-curricular activites related to environment, sports, music, drama,art, dance,historical legacies and others. We have excellent achievements in sports, arts, literature…

      Маti Bolgaria” Primary  School is involved in various national projects and programmes, such as:

  • National Program “Providing a Modern Educational Environment”
  • National Program “Qualification”
  • National Program “Information and Communication Technologies in Preschool and School Education” and others that are closely related to our project as experience and accumulated skills :
  • Projects “Success” and “Your lesson” which develop the creativity and talents of students in the fields of sport, music, art, languages and literature …
  • Festival theatrical party and festival of the Best Performance Contest “Chudomir Feasts”
  • Sports competitions (handball, football, basketball, chess);
  • Ecologye education programs developing civic sense and aesthetic: “Eco-School”, , „Together for a smile”, “Respect nature, looks to the future! “, “Create a Wonderful  World”, “For Life”;
  • Competitions annuals:  competitions organized by the Union of Bulgarian Teachers
  • Projects forming some cultural representations regarding the evolution and values of literature and the arts:  “The book, my friend”, “Invitation to reading”, “Education without borders”, “Poets of our immortality”, “From soul to soul, Holy Easter Holidays”, “Nativity-Revival Joy”, “The winner through art”;

       In  school projects are:

  • A school band specialized in folk dances;
  • A cheerleading club
  • 2 singing clubs
  • drama club
  • 3 art clubs
  • the creation of the school newspaper reflecting the school events
  • field trips and camps, physical geography, folklore and literature. Tourist  attractions in the region and the country are known by students during the school holidays trips made.

      Local and national traditions are capitalized during festivals and artistic manifestations of St. Easter and Christmas, 14-th February is the day of love, 3 -rd day March-National holiday, March 8-th – Women’s Day, 1-stJune – Children’s Day, 5-th October – educator day,  1-st November – school celebration,  1-st May – Labour day.

     The fields in which our school is interested as regards training the teaching staff are management, non-formal education, European citizenship; these are also the priorities of our school for the 2014-2020 period.

     During  2012-2014 we have been involved in KA2 Comenius project” Show me your schoоl , I will show you mine” in a strategic partnership with other 7 countries.

           What is the school’s motivation to join this project?

     High technology and dynamic life require constant updating of the knowledge and skills that need to be mastered in school. This problem  requires finding good practices for enhancing motivation for learning.

     “Share my emotion” is a project that offers different ways to motivate students by creating positive emotions by participating in innovative practices in Art classes, English language, Sport. Use interactive and innovative methods in English  classes  are a reason for successful mastering of knowledge and interest in language and foreign cultures . The use of specific techniques in the Art  classes form newly- discovered talents; in the sections of sport- future athletes.  The participation in dance and singing clubs  forms  feelings of pride and belonging to school, city, country ..The  positive emotions  will help  children  learn from different ethnic groups and children with special educational needs, who are trained in school, involved in these activities. This helps their inclusion and development.The aim of the project is to exchange good practices, joint activities with partner schools to turn the school into a desired territory for the pupil .

      Тhe key persons involved in the project are teachers with a long experience in the school and  belonging to it. They  teach in clubs / music, dance, sports, art / where they show interesting techniques and educate in love for different activities.

      They all have the ability to establish appropriate relationships with their students and create a classroom culture in which students have supprotive learning focussed relationships with each other. They are always willing to provide social and emotional support for learners and help them develop enabling abilities such as organizing themselves, setting goals, persisting in the face of difficulty, collaborating with others, thinking critically, keeping an open mind.

       All teachers are engaged in different professional development activities, such as: courses and workshops, education conferences and seminaries, individual and collaborative research, monitoring and peer observation, observation visits to other schools

     Маti Bolgaria” Primary  School  had experience in projects are closely related to our project  as:Projects “Success” a”Your lesson” which develop the creativity and talents of students in the fields of sport, music, art, languages and lit qualification programmes.

     Which teachers will be working in the project actively (name, position and background and experience)

      1. Mrs. Svetlana Markova, 1st assistant director at “Mati Bolgaria” primary school and Bulgarian teacher at the secondary school – team leader of the project.

    2. Mrs. Sonya Stoicheva,  Primary English teacher at “Mati Bolgaria” primary school – coordinator of  the project.

    3. Mrs. Boryana Popova, Main teacher at “Mati Bolgaria” primary school – target group leader at the project. 

   4. Mrs. Pepa PetrovaPrimary teacher at “Mati Bolgaria” primary school  –  target group leader at the project.

   5. Mrs. Todorka YordanovaPrimary teacher at “Mati Bolgaria” primary school – target group leader at the project.

   6. Mrs. Sabina IvanovaPrimary English teacher and ICT Technology teacher at “Mati Bolgaria” primary school – supporting of the social network places at the project and target group leader.


ESCOLA LOLA ANGLADA, Martorell,  Spain

   Lola Anglada is a public Primary School located in Martorell (Barcelona).

   Our school was foundated in 1999 and it has a total of 450 students and around 40 teachers. Our school pays special attention to cultural awareness since an 18 % of our students come from different cultures and have their own backgrounds.

    The strong points of our educative centre are: each teacher is specialized in an educative area but we have a transversal project so we work together in a similar way as a team.

    Special education is very important in this school because this year we open a new room only for special students where these children go in a reduced group some hours a day. Here they can find resources and an specific attention and environment to develop their skills consciously.

    We are putting a great effort in the English area, not only English teachers, but also all the educative community, since we think it is very important for the future of our students. With this aim, we spend one extra hour per week to do Science in English and also an hour to do only speaking.

     5th graders are involved in a community project which consists of creating a cooperative business. Students create it from the ground and they should make it increase, doing their own products, markets, controlling the business economy and selling their own merchandising. We think it is a strong point to also introduce the Erasmus project and enrich their knowledge and experiences.

     This year the school buy more tablets and laptops in order to develop and promote technological skills and do different activities. It is a good tool to use it also to communicate with other countries and share our activities. This is a good way to make our students open-minded and to be aware of how big and complex are the world and the cultures, so we are used to respect everybody.

   The respect is promoted also from the first moment they arrived at school because they do a lot of activities mixing courses. For example, we make reading partnerships, so higher students can help and teach the younger ones to read and develop this important skill.

   For us is very important the relationship between school and families (not only parents, but also grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles and aunts). For that, we make different kind of activities during the year promoting it like come and explain a story, help us with the costumes of the festivities, preparing an end of year party, come some days to the playground and present traditional games… They love coming and spend time in this way with their sons and their colleagues.

   Another interesting activity we do is exchange letters with the ”old people house” so they can share experiences and different points of view. At the end of the course they visit their old friends. It is a great experience our students enjoy and want to repeat each year because they love spending time with this special people.

   As we exposed previously, all the activities we do can be a benefit for this project. Adding some information, we can tell you art, tradition and emotional education are a very important point in Lola Anglada School. Since we have this in mind, we pretend to do motivating activities and projects to encourage the students learning in a funny way.

   In a traditional festivity here in Catalonia, we promote modern and traditional dances in a special day. This important day for the school is an open doors day, so everybody can enjoy the party. It is the same in the winter concert, where we do a musical for each class group.

     This two activities would be very positive for the project because we can share a lot of ideas and experience.

The sports competitions are also important for us, so we have different clubs related with it: dance, volleyball, football and basketball.

     Theatre is also an old experience in our school. We not only go to see a play, but also we have a theatre club. As you can see, art is very important for our school and it is open at different activities and it tries to develope new and motivating projects. Parents are very participative and want to promote and cooperate in this new projects, and we think it is a very important point for an Erasmus project. In fact, this could be one of the most important objectives.

    Another activity we think could be well related with the project is we are a “Green School”; it means we do several activities to preserve the environment. Related with it, we can do our students being aware of the importance preserving the environment around the world. This could be a motivating point to our partners since they can share green ideas and activities to promote it. Since the Erasmus project would be about emotions and culture, we can relate other activities with it and try to awake our students emotions for our planet.

    We do not have any experience in Eramus projects but we think we can give a lot of ideas and new experiences. We are very excited to start it.

 Which teachers will be working in the project actively (name, position and background and experience)?

   1.  Mrs. Noemí  Castells  Corral Physical Education  in primary school and and English teacher in preschool.

“I  have a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science and also as a Physical Education teacher in primary school.  I have been working as a teacher for twelve years and I have also taught English in preschool for three years. I love innovating and I consider myself as a dynamic and outgoing person. One of my passions is traveling around the world” 

   2. Mrs. Rocío Marín Lozano,  English and Science school teacher at Lola Anglada school (Martorell). Graduated in Preschool Education, specialized in English.

  “During the last years I have been studying as a CLIL teacher and I have also obtained the English C1 certificate,  which allows me to teach the language  from Preschool to Primary level. In addition, I have done courses that have given me strategies to teach the foreign language in a dynamic and meaningful way. I worked as an English teacher in a private school during one year and now I’m working in public schools for three years approximately.”

    3. Ms. Alba Figueroa, Music teacher in the school, and member of ICT comission. Graduated in Primary School Education, specialized in Music (elementary level of flute and musical language).

  “I am also talented with the bag pipe and percussion. During the last years I have done an art and crafts formation, a very important course due to I teach this subject in the school. Since the project is about emotions, art and traditions. I want to join it because I consider that music is something present in every aspect of our life.


Konstantinoupoleos Gymnasium, Nicosia, Cyprus

  The Gymnasium of Konstantinoupoleos is located in Nicosia, the Capital city of Cyprus, at the municipality of Strovolos. It was built in 1989 and it is a small secondary school with 248 students aged 12-15.

    Public Secondary General Education is provided for students aged 12 to 18 years, through two three-year cycles of courses – High School (Gymnasium) and Lyceum. The two cycles include courses in discrete modules and various extra school activities (clubs, trips, visits etc.) in order to achieve comprehensive and balanced personality development of students. Attendance is free for all classes and compulsory until the age of 15 years. Our Educational system aims to promote and develop a healthy, spiritual and moral personality, creating competent, democratic and law-abiding citizens.

   The subject of the Gymnasium are common for all students. Extensive analytical programs  exist for all subjects. Teaching hours are 38 for all three grades of the Gymnasium.

    Every school year our school organises around 5 artistic events with themes relevant to the history of the island of Cyprus. During the last 3 years, students of our school prepared and presented an artistic manifestation focusing on the following themes:

     2014-2015: The history of Cyprus over the years.

     2015-2016: War and Peace.

     2016-2017: Love for people, environment and Country.

     Every presentation entails music, theater and dancing based on research done by students with the collaboration of their teachers.

    Our Educational system aims to promote and develop healthy, spiritual and moral personality, creating competent, democratic and law-abiding citizens hence this is the reason hidden behind our interest to join this project.

      As a school we are interested in joining this project because:

  • We feel that emotional intelligence plays a significant role in the life of students. It affects the students’ academic performance positively and it motivates them as well.
  • The changes in the world market lead to a need for a change in the traditional methods of teaching and tutors ought to be innovative and creative.
  • Having motivated students in a school implies that a healthier environment is promoted. If interpersonal relationships improve, this entails there that will be less behavioral problems. Creating positive emotions means that prosocial behaviors are achieved, meaning that behaviors such as kindness, sharing, and empathy are developed among the students.
  • It improves student attitudes toward school, since they will be part of the education system. They will not be passive listeners but active participants in the knowledge process.
  • Working in teams entails that students will improve their interpersonal skills. They will also understand the perspectives of others and relate more effectively with them.

     Every presentation entails music, theater and dancing based on  research done by students with the collaboration of their teachers

   Which teachers will be working in the project actively (Name, Position  and background and experience (short)

     1. Ms Christiana Barba, Career Advisor and School Counsellor,  BA in English Language and Literature, PG Diploma in Careers Guidance and Counselling, MA in Careers Guidance and Counselling.

   2. Ms.Maria Demetriou, Home Economics Teacher, Master in Applied Nutrition and Excercise, participation in Erasmus+ Project TRADITIONAL FOOD.


“Scoala Gimnaziala Nr.2 Marginea” comuna Marginea, judetul Suceava, Romania

  Located in the northern part of Romania, a small town called Marginea, Școala Gimnazială Nr. 2 Marginea is one of the three schools where the inhabitants struggle for their children’s education and for their becoming educated grown-ups.

   Școala Gimnazială Nr. 2 Marginea has 10 primary teachers and 14 secondary teachers who teach 8 primary classes, 2 foundation classes, 6 secondary classes and where 320 pupils learn. At school, pupils, aged from 6 to 15 years old, learn ordinary subjects among which Romanian, Maths, ICT, Science, Music, Social Studies and foreign languages like English, French and one year of Latin. Also, they are frequently involved in extra-curricular activities related to environment, sports, culture, traditions, historical legacies and others.

    Our school’s teaching staff is represented by qualified teachers whose teaching-learning methods improve theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. Our school’s general purpose is to offer quality educational services, the main target being pupils’ personal development, their integration into the community, in the context of promoting European values and developing an active citizenship. Moreover, School Number 2 has a strong partnership with Parents with Initiative Association in Marginea, association which has been an active partner in our school’s educational process, especially in volunteering activities which take place twice a year, being joined by the local Orthodox Parish as well.

    The motivation in joining this project can easily be noticed from the large variety of programmes and activities related to this topic in which our school has frequently been involved, like Christmas concerts, Easter cards manufacturing, Children’s Day carnival, dance and music, Local myths and legends, Romanian traditions, Winter games and contests, Traditional objects and clothes exhibitions. On the other hand, our purpose is to develop and constantly improve a great sense of tradition and folklore in our pupils.

    Over the last years our school has been actively involved in school programs and activities which are very much related to the project topic, thus developing a great sense of tradition and folklore in our pupils. Some of these activities are:- Christmas is coming! with a Christmas concert ,””Christ Has Risen! “‘where pupils had to manufacture Easter cards,”‘ Happy birthday, my mummy,”” where pupils celebrated  Mother`s day and prepared gifts and presents for their mothers.

     Also, our school has been involved in a KA2 Erasmus+ project called SAVE ENERGY SAVE THE WORLD which finishes in 2018.

   Besides these, our school has been actively involved in a wide variety of national programs related to different school subjects and topics like sport, foreign languages, Maths, Romanian language, ICT, Music and Art. Besides these, our school has been actively involved in a wide variety of national programs related to different school subjects and topic like sport, foreign language, Math, Romanian language,ICT. Music and Art. The perspective of all these creative activities and programs had a great impact upon both our pupils and teachers mentality and determination in order to achieve and improve  educational skills , knowledge and interest in progress.

    The key persons who are going to be involved in this project have proven to be reliable and responsible teachers with a vast experience in the field of education so far. Most of them have developed many programs and activities related to the suggested project topic, therefore they can provide a lot of support along the way. Also, their participation in school partnerships has given them the opportunity to be regarded as better qualified for this project.

     Which teachers will be working in the project actively (Name, Position  and background and experience (short):

    1. Mrs. Moisoc Diana, project team member, primary teacher  with first didactic degree,   member of KA2 Erasmus+ project SAVE ENERGY SAVE THE WORLD 2016-2018, coordinator of Comenius project Show Me Your School I’ll Show You Mine! 2012-2014, actively involved in EU programs and national activities related to local customs and traditions., with great experience in EU projects  management.

    2. Mrs. Casandra Daniela-Cristina, specialization ICT and Technology, teacher with first didactic degree,  member of KA2 Erasmus+ project, SAVE ENERGY SAVE THE WORLD, coordinator of individual  Comenius project Using Video to Support Long Life Learning -2013 Leuven, Belgium, actively participates and coordinates programs and projects which focus on our local tradition richness and culture, with a vast experience in EU projects management.

  3. Mrs.Vega Irina-Elena, specialization English language, first didactic degree, coordinator of KA2 Erasmus+ project SAVE ENERGY SAVE THE WORLD, with experience in plays and school drama and also in managing EU projects.



  “Üç Ocak”is a local public secondary school.Our school is located in the centre of Mersin in the south part of Turkey.Mersin is the pearl of the(near the coast of) Mediterranean.It has multiculturally and multiethnic inhabitants with their alive tradions,customs,values.

  Üç Ocak is one of the most established ,modern and active schools in the centre of Mersin.It has approximately 990 students( There are 87 students of Syrian,150 students of Arabic nationality,38 of whom need special education )in the age range of 10 to 15. Our school has 1 manager,5 assistant principals,3guidance teachers and 60branch teachers.Our school offers training and education in the fields of Turkish(native),English(as a second language),History and Geograpy,Art,Music,Mathematic,Science,Technology,Physical Education and Religious Education.Beside the main courses,our school aim to develop our students’ indivituality and creativity in a positive classroom atmosphere through tolerance,empathy and open-mindedness so we apply communication,dramapedagogical and innovative ICT activities in our lessons. Although our school has a disadvantaged environment, the participation of our students in many social, cultural and sports activities is encouraged. We have many awards in sports, arts, cultural events and project development areas.We try to motivate our students to achive their potential and raise their academic achievement.

    Our contex is characterized by a great cultural, social and linguistic diversity, with students from different origins.Our priority is to promote the educative and social success of our student’s trough the development of different level of responses (regular education, music artistic education, alternative curriculum, vocational, professional and special education). We develop our intervention in a multicultural context and we give special emphasis on fighting early school leaving, and promoting the Inclusion of all students’ trough good educational practices, since the early years. To meet the identified needs in our schools we seek continuously to develop innovative practices to improve in the teaching/learning process giving special emphasis in literacy, language and communication skills, the use of ICT in the learning process, the cooperative work, autonomy, responsibility and the development of a social and cultural consciousness. In terms of inclusion and leaving no one behind, the philosophy of the school is to focus on innovative strategies and projects that promote better results

   There are well appointed 40 classrooms in our building,2 ICT rooms, 1 music and 1visual arts class, 2 science technology classes, 2 laboratory workshops,1theatre and conference hall, 1support room (for students requiring special education)1 library(evey year it’s expanded with Turkish and English books) and sports grounds,1 dance studio.Our classrooms and  laboratories are equipped with technical equipments like smart boards and computers,ICT equipments and projection tools and teaching metarials.

    Every year we hold different competitions for schools from the whole city covering different subjects:art,music,sports,history,English. We are used to organize events, competitions, projects and there for it´s one of our strongest areas. Our school regularly organises local projects on different topics to develop our students’ cognitive and social skills. Our students can do a lot of out-of-school activities like, IT, Drama and Poem performances, Choir, Sport competitions,chess tournaments and Art circles,theatre and dance shows.

   With the folk dance club;student demonstrations at ceremonies held at school accompanied by school band. With poetry and lyrics club; our students write poems during clubs during the year and collect them under a poetry book. With theatre and drama club; at the end of the year, a selected theater play is staged.With world cultures club; Throughout the year, events such as movies, comics and the internet will be used to discover the peoples, cultures, food and music of the world.With Creative Minds Club; “Brain Week”, study of “mind games”,”destination-imagination(math)” activities are held during the year.With the “Magic Pens”activities, throughout the year, creative drama activities include animations, an exhibition of visual arts, and an interview with an author.With the art club; During the year “wall painting” studies are carried out.Youth Pens Magazine Club;students create annual school magazine. We organise sport competitions;football,basketball,table tennis,badminton, chess tournaments.

    The key persons  are teachers with whom  long experince in the field of education. They have participated on comenious projects before,so they know about the specifics of these kinds of projects.They involved in this project have developed a keen interest in all thepossibilities and the multıple advantages that modern tools may offer to make their teaching moreefficient,more attractive and reach awider audience.They have attended seminars,courses,workshops,educational conferences in innovative pedagogical and teaching learning theories and they are knowledgeable of ITC

     We took part in a Comenius Project from 2012-14 (WATER,OIL, BREAD,and: knowledges and tastes to live Europe) and have applied KA1 project about “creative and innovative teaching methods”and our language teachers were involved in E-twinning Project called Flying-letter.


Agrupamento de Escolas do Barreiro, Barreiro, Portugal

     Our  school has an autonomus contract since 2013.

   Altough, all the teachers are specialized in a specific area we work as team because we have a transversal project.

   We have many students with special needs, so special education is very important in this school, therefore  we have a team of teachers specialized in this area thata also work as a team with the school psychologist.

     The  strong points of our educative  are: the teaching of english, music, arts, ICT and  Cityzenship formation, since the 1st year. Next year, we’ll have a CLIL/Bilingual class.

     From the past years, our school has been promoting the use of new technologies. We are equiped with a FutureWorkLab, where all the teachers plan and develop their projects with their classes. On this future room there’s a possibility of doing skypes lessons with our countries and also to share experiences and activities.

      There are also many clubs in our school: music club; arts club; film-making club; chess club, european club and enviromental club.

      The relationship between school and families is very essencial.  We have many activities during the school year to encourage families to came to school and participate in their children education.

    All the activities we do are extremely positive and related to the purposes of this project. Our activities are developed through articulation with all the areas, for example: Christmas activities, in the class of Visual Education and Technology Education they make an art plan, then in english lesson a message is written for the arts project; a song is developed in music and all the areas contibute for the same project.

     Our school organizes many events, such as: the delivery of diploms to students with higher marks, and on that day students give a concert.

     There’s also an arts context, promoted by the district of our region where students are motivated to make a task that is centred in Picasso’s work, called Kidsguernica.

       Our school won the context last year and as a prize the winner class  went to Madrid to see the original  painting.

      Another important activity we have is the B – Day, a volunteering day, which is  promoted by the city hall. In our school we use this day to improve our facilities by doing  craft work (painting the walls; painting ceramic tiles for decoration purposes at school …).

   We organize arts workshoops with students from primary till  the 3rd cycle. These activities are the responsability of the art department, which includes the subjects: physicall education; visual education; techonology education;  plastic art and music.

      During the year there are several exhibitions to celebrate the important dates: Christmas; Affection day; Peace day;  Saint Valentines’ day; Easter; School’s day; Father’s and Mother’s day; Camp’s day; Final party.

      We have a party at the end of the year, called Mendonça em Festa – we organized a  concert; exhibitions; activities for children and food.

      An important point for an Erasmus project is the collaboration between parents, teachers and students and we believe that all these activities that were mentioned are relevant to that, due to the fact that ”our” parents are very participative and want to promote and cooperate in all our  activities.

      An important aspect for this project, that we must refer, is that we´ve been responsable for the organization of all  these activities.  All the three of us belong to this school for many years and we have lots of experience related to main project goals.

       In our school we have Erasmus projects and all of us have been participated with different tasks. So, we believe we can be important members to collaborate in this project.

      Which teachers will be working in the project actively (Name, Position  and background and experience):

     1. Mrs. Carla Maria Passinhas Santos, project team coordinator, Music teacher, in Agrupamento de Escolas do Barreiro.

    “I´ve been teaching music for over three decades and organize several events with children. My students are between 10 and 15 years old. They play recorder, guitar, keyboard, orff instruments and some traditional portuguese instruments, like Adufe and Cavaquinho. I love music and to meet new cultures.”

     2. Mrs. Alexandra Costa, teaches Visual Education and Technological Education – Arts, in Barreiro.

   “I Have a degree in Visual and Technological Education. Interested in connecting with other European colleagues / teachers in order to jointly develop new projects and foster new learning practices. As a teacher I’m always committed to engaging the students in new activities / experiences. I love Art, photography and new challenges that can broaden my horizons and give new professional perspectives.”

    3. Mrs. Vanda Madeira,

  “I’m an english teacher for 20 years. I teach children from the 1st to the 6th year ( 6 to 12 years old). I love working with new technologies. I don’t like to teach in a traditional way, I try to include new things that allows students to think for themselves. I’m very communicative so,I love to exchange new ideas with people from other countries.”

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